The Limited-Edition K-T-O Window Static-Cling & Bonus Sticker!

You’ve discovered the new 96 K-T-O. That makes you an “Original Fan.” You’ve gotta have this! Limited to a printing of 1,000. A 3×3 high quality static-cling. Static-clings hold firmly to any glass surface without using adhesive. Perfect to dress up your classy car or truck, with no sticky mess(pictured).  Plus, K-T-O will throw in a regular sticker that looks great anywhere you wanna go stick it!

It’s free for the price of a stamp.  We’re talkin’ old-school baby.  Mail a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Kenny the Prize Guy
96 K-T-O
1588 Charles Drive
Redding CA 96003

Remember—put a stamp on your self-addressed envelope or this won’t work!  After lunch, Kenny will seal up your envelope with the static-cling and bonus sticker inside. He will place it in a Caterpillar Drive mailbox.  It’ll be carried by the US Postal Service back to your address.  It’s like magic.

He might be Kenny.

He might be Kenny.