All The Ways to Listen to 96 K-T-O



FM Radio:

Tune to 96.1 FM on any FM radio in the Redding, CA area.

Apple Car Play/Android Auto: 

With our app installed on your phone you can have direct access to it from your dashboard.

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WAZE Traffic/Navigation App:

Open Waze, and touch “Search” Touch the “Settings” gear icon Touch “Audio player” Toggle “Show on the map” to the on position. Now you’ll see a musical note icon in the top right of Waze anytime you have it open. Touch that, and choose TuneIn to listen to XS Sports.



Amazon Echo (“Alexa”):

Ask Alexa to “Enable 96 Kay Tee Ohh Redding” to listen anywhere in California. 

Google Home: 

Say, “Hey Google Play 96 Kay Tee Ohh Redding.”

Apple Home Pod:

Say, “Hey Siri Play 96 Kay Tee Ohh Redding.”

On Your Computer: 

Click “listen live” at the top of to listen anywhere in California.

Smart TVs & Game Consoles:

All of the major Smart TV operating systems & Game Consoles have the TuneIn app available. Install the TuneIn app on your Smart TV, then search for 96 KTO.



Smartphones & Tablets: 

We have apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android where you can listen to our stream from mobile devices.

This is the most feature-rich experience of all the other streaming technology listed on this page.

Make sure your Phone is running the latest version of its software. Streaming is available only within the state of California.

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